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lokal-inline is a grassroots campaign that’s changing the culture around shopping local in McAlester, Oklahoma. Want the primer? Watch the video!

How does the LOKAL card work?

The LOKAL card is a discount card you can purchase for $10 at any participating business. Each business sets their own specials, many changing them monthly. Check out current specials here.
New cards are available every fall and last through the end of the following calendar year. The LOKAL card is part of a movement to invest in our community and is sponsored by the McAlester Area Chamber of Commerce. The card is a reminder and an incentive to spend our money at home.

Why does being LOKAL matter?

Being LOKAL means doing our part to support what makes McAlester the place we love to call home.
One way we do that is by spending our money locally to grow our economy, improve our city, and support the businesses that make McAlester unique. When we spend locally, that money benefits McAlester over and over again. Every dollar spent generates sales tax revenue, which funds schools and government services, including emergency response, parks, recreation, roads, and other infrastructure.

When our local businesses succeed, they…

  • Purchase more goods and services from other local businesses.
  • Create local jobs. (Those employees spend locally, too!)
  • Provide unique destinations for locals and visitors. (Those visitors bring outside money to us!)
  • Encourage others to open and grow businesses in McAlester.
  • Donate more to local causes.

So buy your card, and join us. Be lokal-inline.